I spoke French to him.

I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher.

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As body, mind or soul, you are a dream; you really are Being, Consciousness, Bliss (satchidananda). You are the God of this universe.


I know where Amy is holed up.

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He forced the natives to witness the execution of their relatives.

That's what Moore thinks.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of blood.


Many English words derive from Latin.


How long does it take to get from here to the station?


He imitated the works of Van Gogh.


I was about to leave when Clara appeared out of the blue.

I'm so sick of this.

Panacea wired some money to Hon.

Mahmoud was very brave.

Lynn sat at the dining room table playing solitaire.

Is chemistry a boring subject?

I'll help them tomorrow.

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Siegurd paid for the shirt and the salesgirl put it into a bag.


How much will this cost?

Drain the pasta into the colander.

They moved farther away from the fire.

He dropped in on me yesterday.

She was at a loss what to do next.


Look at me.


As our time comes to an end, Francois, would you care to have the final word?


Erik lives nearby.

I have to go shopping; I'll be back in an hour.

We want to help, but we can't.

I feel the same way about you.

The girl I spoke to you about lives in Tokyo.


Lui didn't say anything else at that time.

Spitting is prohibited.

Is this a picture of his own drawing?

Don't break it.

Do you sometimes drink red wine with fish?


Are you feeling under the weather?

Please develop and print this film.

I don't know if I can do that.


I borrowed money from her.

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I have a favour to ask.

I saw your photos.

I didn't intend to do that.

That's my specialty.

At a distance, the ship looks like an island.


Do your gums bleed?

Can you show me the list of prices?

It rains in some places.

We met on a blind date.

Rathnakumar is still as beautiful as she was when she was a teenager.

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Be still.

The postmortem showed that she had been strangled.

Has the cat got your tongue?

My mother died on the same day I got married.

Carl wouldn't help me.


You have a dog, don't you?

Let's meet at 6:30.

Obviously, there's to be some kind of mistake.

I need to take notes.

Pete went out into the bath wearing only a towel.


Did you go to the doctor?

This tool belongs to the man. Please, take it to him.

I think that watching TV is a waste of time.

I have my own thoughts on that subject.

Her heart was dominated by ambition.


Most of the station disintegrated as it fell through Earth's atmosphere.

This story is worth reading again.

Do you know how to reach her?

Does he know what you're here for?

I argued with them about the matter.


The handle of this pan is easy to hold.

He's here for me.

It was never hard for us to find something to talk about.

His technique was unrivalled and completely unbelievable.

Do you love me just because I am a foreigner?

The Centigrade scale is used in Japan.

Because it is politics that has caused this war, making the war our everyday reality.

John Dalton created the Atomic Theory.

He let go of the rope.

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The company is at the end of its rope.

Once she starts talking, she is hard to stop.

I'll let you know the results as soon as I can.

He didn't even look at my face.

I'll go and tell him.

She laid claim to the castle.

When it is possible for you to meet him?

It's natural for family members to help each other.

What if something gets broken?

We're selfish.

I would like to call.

We'll look into it.

His main object in life was to become rich.

I sent Darryl $3,000 three months ago.

I'm glad to see your sense of humor returning.

My father and mother have a big farm there.

Rik confessed that he'd eaten all of the cookies.

The judge sentenced Rolfe to three years in prison.

Call me later.

What a drag!

He has taken everything from me.


Jun has been growing a beard all summer.

Please pick me up at the hotel at six o'clock.

Brendan accepted the invitation to attend Diane's party.

I'm slightly hungry.

That's a dog, and that's a puppy.

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She folded her arms over her chest.

Hamilton dropped out of high school.

I'd like to believe that's true.


I want a suit made of this material.

Visually inspect and carefully check the product and packaging before use.

Come along, children.

She prepared herself for the tennis match by practicing for hours every day.

Alberto encouraged Patricia to do that.

He plays the guitar.

We're short-handed.

People were removing the snow on the street.

Amos enjoyed his stay in Boston.

I will not live in Sanda next year.

He wouldn't permit me to swim in the river.

Janos says that he's hungry.

I thought you weren't coming.

Morris made himself as comfortable as possible.

Is Raghu there already?


You said it would be quiet here.


I will never forget the day when I first met him.


I'm not interested in what you think.

I thought Florian would be awake by now.

I've just arrived. I haven't even emptied my suitcases yet.

I told you where we'd gone.

Would you get out of here, please?

I've got my own place.

That's an imitation.

You should not trust him.

I just posted a great picture of wombats on Flickr.


How did you come up with that?


This is as good a time as any to do this.

I like your cookies.

They all looked up.

A minute has sixty seconds.

I usually avoid eating meal too much.

I got to Boston yesterday afternoon.

She always has some axe to grind.


Tourists take over this island in the summer.

Can I find that?

My mother was not feeling any better. If anything, she looked worse.

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.

We want Kanthan to do well.


The bus rocked heavily up and down.


Looking out the window, I saw a car coming.


They deserve the truth.

I'm older than her.

We don't have to follow Alastair.

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That's a real one from a top brand.


It's getting cold out there.

What's your problem?

I tried to in vain to deal with the problem.


The mailman left a letter for her.

My father's going to kill me.

I'm not leaving without him.


Valeria asked Damone how John was doing.


Adrian has always been very good to me.